What is "COCORO no IRO"?

Behavioral science / psychology that combines Jung psychology / Adler psychology / DiSC theory, exchange analysis, developmental psychology, and organizational psychology, which introduces the characteristics and tendencies of human behavior in four colors. People behave differently depending on various "motivation", "fear", "interest / curiosity", etc. Even under the same circumstances, human behavior will be different.


By understanding "COCORO no IRO",

An approach that leads to better relationships by understanding the roots of behaviors that were difficult for you to understand, understanding that "differences are differences" rather than deciding which behaviors are right and which are wrong. You can get a hint to think about. In addition, metacognition allows us to reflect on ourselves and positively recognize ourselves, leading to a reduction in stress.

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What color tendency am I?

How to use the chart on the right :

1) First, set the environment such as places and relationships. For example, "in a relationship with a colleague at work" or "in a relationship with a daught in the 4th grade of elementary school at home".  The COCORO no IRO, the behavioral tendencies changes depending on the position and relationship.  


2) In the set environment, check your actions and thoughts using the check sheet here, asking "How do I behave?"


3) The color, which has a large number of checks, tends to be an action that you can easily take in the environment settings. 

*Everyone has all four colors of COCORO no IRO.  Depending on the situation and role in which you are placed, your relationship to the person, and even your health condition at that time, the aspect you are showing to the person will change, such as rolling balls. 

You can download the chart and text here.
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Here are videos for you to learn about behavioral tendencies "COCORO no IRO".

What is COCORO no IRO?


Let's go deeper learning of it


English version of COCOROnoIRO.
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